17 Tips For Saving Money On Your Power Bill This Summer

The electric bill seems to grow every summer when the weather turns warm. That’s because you’re not making a conscious effort to reduce electricity usage and the air conditioner is the main cause for the rising of your energy costs. This is a problem that many people face, particularly those people who are on a tight budget. Since your electric bill may tend to increase during the summer, there are some tips you can do to keep your electricity costs to a minimum. In this article, we will discuss the tips by which you can save money on your power bill in summer.

1. Keep Your Air Conditioner on a Power Saving Mode

While this may sound entirely excessively hot for the summer months, you might be disgusted to find that it is sufficiently low to keep you cool. Many opt for a temperature below 25°C, or even lower in some cases. To save your electricity you should set your air conditioner to around 25°C with moderate fan speed. It has proven that at this temperature your air conditioner will consume minimal energy and power.

2. Change the AC filter

Did you know that a dirty air conditioner filter can restrict airflow? Your unit needs to work harder in order to pump cool air through your home. The end result is an inefficient system that costs you a lot of money. Many filters need to be swapped out once per month. Check your unit to see what is suggested.

3.The leaks and block out the heat

Be finding out for places where cold air can escape from your air-conditioned room, as under doorways and via open windows. You can use a rolled-up towel to block out the leakage at the bottom of the door or windows to keep the cold air in. You need to ensure that all your windows are fully closed and draw your curtains to dramatically reduce the amount of heat entering the room from outside.

4. Use a whole house fan

There are some parts of the country, where the fan is not functioning well in summer. But before the use of the air conditioner, you consider switching a fan on instead. Fans are much more energy-efficient than air conditioners. Though air conditioner is highly effective at cooling you down on a hot day, fan requires less power to run. To save your electricity bill in summer, you need to use fans increasingly.

5. Plant trees

Radiant energy from the sun heats home surfaces such as walls, roofs, and windows forcing air conditioners to work harder.  This drives energy consumption and power bills up.  While good insulation will help to reduce this problem, shade from surrounding trees can further conserve energy, especially for older homes with outdated or limited insulation. Planting trees to shade the air conditioner unit can also conserve energy.  Trees and their branches should be at least several feet away from the units to allow for easy airflow.  Restricting this flow will reduce the efficiency of the unit.

6. Servicing your air conditioner properly

Your air conditioner will perform better if it is serviced at the appropriate time. Air conditioner mechanics utilize high-pressure cleaners to remove mold, bacteria, and other dust from your air conditioner filters. If left unserviced, the air conditioner needs to work more to cool your home. Along the way, it will consume extra kilowatts.

7. Avoid Using More Rooms at a Time

Spending time outside also allows you to save electricity by turning off the television, the computer, and any unused lights inside. Even if you avoid more rooms at a time, you can save electricity consumption at your home.

8.Use Natural Lights

You should go for natural lighting as much as possible. You can open your windows and blinds in the daytime when you will get ample of sunlight. You have to switch off electric light during the daytime.

9. Turn off Electrical Equipment

If you want to save your electric bills, then don’t forget to turn off lights and fans when you are not using them. Most people forget to switch off their fans and lights when they are going outside. So, they have to pay higher electric bills. Also, turn off other electrical devices when you are not using them. Actually, it consumes some power even on standby mode. When you are plug in your chargers or laptops (even you are not using them), they still consume a little of energy constantly. So, turn off or switch off all the electrical devices when they are not in use.

10. Use Smart Electrical Devices

To save your electric bills at home, use smart electrical and electronic devices. It consumes less energy, so you can save electric consumption and cost also. With the help of the latest technologies, scientists have developed new solar-powered devices like calculators, cookers, heaters, switches, and sockets which are energy and cost-efficient. Besides that, you can decorate your home with electrical appliances which consume less energy. Now energy-saver LED or LCD lights or TV is available in the market which helps reduce your electric bills. You can easily use a solar-powered charger to charge your mobile phones and other electronic devices. So there are many electrical and electronic devices available in the market which consumes less energy and you can save your electric bills by using it.

11. Try Traditional Cooking Methods

To save your electricity bill, you need to cook traditional firewood methods for cooking. Whenever you need to cook, use the microwave as much as possible. Microwaves are the most energy-efficient means of cooking, followed by slow cookers, hobs, and lastly ovens, so use your microwave as much as possible. Covering pots and pans help to trap heat, so you can cook things quicker and reduce your electric consumption. Apart from that, when you open the door every time the oven loses all its heat, so it has to work harder to get back up to the right temperature again. Keep your oven door clean and you should notice your food without having to open it.

12. Reduce the power consumption of your refrigerator

Your refrigerator can be one of the biggest drains on your power bill. It’s switched on 24/7 for 365 days of the year. To save your electric bill in summer, you need to follow several tips. You should avoid opening your fridge frequently and avoid over-stuffing and clean it regularly. You must wait until your food has cooled down before placing it in the appliance. The most important point is you have to keep Thermostat temperature at medium cool. For optimum energy efficiency, set the temperature on your refrigerator to around 3-5°C. It helps to save your energy and electricity bill also.

13. Take Care of Your Pump

Do you need to pump water into the overhead tanks in your home? It needs to be well-maintained and oily properly. A sticky or gooey bearing can enhance the pump consumption which helps to uplift your electricity bill.

14.Wash Your Clothes Efficiently

If you use laundry to wash your clothes, then you need to maintain some tips to save your electric consumption. If you heat water for your laundry, then this will consume a lot of energy and also enhances your bill. You should try to wash only full loads of clothes instead of washing a few clothes.

15. Dry Clothes Naturally

Instead of using a dryer, try to dry your clothes by using the sunlight. It helps to reduce your electric consumption.

16. Install Solar Panel

You can install a solar energy system on your property to save money on your electricity bills and protect yourself against rising electricity rates in the future.

17. Try to Reduce Consumption in Peak Hours

During peak hours, try to avoid using high load systems like washing machines, grinders, water pumps, etc. Energy consumption is high during these peak hours and in this way, the voltage can be reduced if you run all these things during this time. This will also enhance your electricity bill rapidly.

We have discussed 17 tips for saving money on your power bill in summer. If you try to follow these tips, then you can save your electricity bill.

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