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    Solar System Installation and
    Repair in Erskine Park NSW 2759

    We are a 100% Aussie owned solar installation company. For over a decade, we have installed highly efficient, quality driven solar systems for the residents and businesses in Erskine Park and the rest of NSW.

    Our range provides the best CEC acknowledged products on the market. They are trialed and tested to give peace of mind to all Australians and Erskine Park residents.

    Benefits of Solar

    Reduce your power bill and reduce carbon emissions with rooftop PV installations by accredited installers like our team at SolarPenrith Erskine Park.

    You can increase your home value and benefit from tax rebates that you can claim such as the Australian Government solar rebate. Plus, any extra solar energy that you have collected but haven’t used can get you a payment from your energy retailer called a feed-in tariff rate for NSW. These rates vary between service retailers so we advise our Erskine Park system owners to speak with their chosen service provider first.

    Solar Panels For Home

    Installing solar for your home doesn't need to be a stressful, complicated matter. We have made it easy for you to find out what size system will best suit you. Variants such as roof space, postcode area and your energy retailer can all affect your quotes and system size required. We can work with your roof no matter its shape as the installation angle of your solar PV panels will be determined by roof inclination.

    You can use our solar panel calculator for approximate quotes to get you started. Better yet, you can speak with us for Erskine Park solar power information and various battery storage options for your property in Erskine Park 2759. You can store solar energy resources with our battery systems to make sure you never run out of power, even on those cloudy days in Erskine Park.

    Free Solar Power Guide

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    Commercial Solar Panels

    Minimise the cost of overheads for your Glenbrook business by installing solar panels today! Our installers can help you decrease your electricity bills with commercial solar power solutions. Join the many solar power system owners in your Glenbrook region who are taking advantage of commercial solar power systems for their businesses in your area. We can calculate the best solar system size for your postcode area using weather station information such as solar irradiation levels in your local service area. This information helps our installers determine the best solar energy system for you.


    Solar Power New South Wales

    Australia is well known for being a sun-drenched country. This makes Australia one of the easiest places to take advantage of solar power. Solar irradiation levels can reach around 4.39 kilowatt hours per square metre per day on average in Erskine Park NSW area. Larger roof sizes can fit more panels meaning you can harvest a greater yield of solar power, and if you opt for battery storage you can use that solar energy on the days where the sun isn’t shining.

    Servicing Erskine Park NSW

    SolarPenrith have been providing Erskine Park New South Wales with solar panels for over 10 years and our team can provide free quotes for your queries. Our team’s history of solar panel systems installed in Glenbrook is considerable and we are installers for commercial solar panels, residential solar systems and accessories, including solar panel battery storage, solar power inverters. We can also handle solar panel cleaning services and solar repairs too. Take a look at our products and solar servicing & maintenance tabs for more information and take advantage of our range of services for Erskine Park solar.

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    Graham P
    Graham P
    Shawn Anderson
    Shawn Anderson
    One of the best company in the industry have recommend them to my friends & family on many occasions for their houses in Adelaide.They only use very high quality installers and would do my future solar projects with them any time.Great work.Keep it up......
    Steve McGrath
    Steve McGrath
    Solar Man Australia is one of the best solar company we came across. The quality of the product and the price is great. Above all the quality workmanship and the quality of the installers they use is one of the best I have ever come across. Would highly recommend this company for solar installations.
    Carl Schofield
    Carl Schofield
    Finally all the works have been completed after my roof tiles were totally wrecked during the installation of solar panels on another part of the roof. The damaged roof was used to transport the panels easier although the panels were installed on a roof on the next level.This caused the rain to pour into the office area collapsing the ceiling. The damage was agreed and the repairs did not happen for months and months many excuses where used, some more plausible than others, Eventually I had to contact the insurance company myself and they paid for me to get the repairs done myself, which again elongated the process. The insurance company involved where very efficient and professional unfortunately I am unable to say the same for Solar man. If by reading the reviews cause potential customers to keep looking for other solutions to they're problems its been worthwhile writing the review. Warning !!!! steer clear!!!!
    Stevie Ryan
    Stevie Ryan
    cecilia lin
    cecilia lin
    professional service and very nice people!
    alisha watson
    alisha watson
    Good solar system installation services in Penrith , they got quality products range thanks. great job!
    Weifan Chen
    Weifan Chen
    very good, HUAWEI inverter is so quiet and risen mudule perform very high output
    Bob Zhao
    Bob Zhao
    Great service and perfect quality! The risen panels work well with great yield. 100% satisfactory.
    Baoshan Yao
    Baoshan Yao

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you are looking for the best solar energy system in Erskine Park, you might consider calling around and requesting a couple of quotes as costs can change fundamentally between organizations. There are some variables to consider for your solar installations, including:

    • Different types of Solar Panel – Mono, Poly or Thin Film
    • The kind of solar power inverter you need – string or macro inverter
    • How numerous solar panels you need – 8, 12, 24, or some place in the middle?

    Depending on the size of the required Solar Power system, it usually costs between $3,250 and $8,800 in New South Wales for a standard solar power system. As an example, for a small system installed in Blaxland (less than 3kW), it will usually cost up to $4,000.

    For easy quotes, you can use our solar panel calculator and enter your New South Wales postcode (eg. NSW 2773) along with your average quarterly electricity bill.

    If you’re looking for a solar repair service in Erskine Park 2759 postcode area, we can help! Contact us for quotes for our services including repairs, cleaning and maintenance in Erskine Park 2759.

    For more information and answers to other questions, contact us today.

    Erskine Park is a hub for young families, professionals, and country lovers alike. With bustling shopping centres coexisting with hundreds of open acres to explore, Erskine Park has something for everyone. Known as quiet, safe, and green, with friendly neighbours and large, comfortable homes – many residents are homeowners looking to build their life in this loveable suburb. With a lack of apartments or townhouses, Erskine Park is a popular choice for solar panels, with the residents enjoying a sustainable and budget-friendly energy solution.

    Erskine Park is located just 42 kilometres west of the Sydney CBD and is growing at a rapid rate for those seeking a well-established suburb to call home. The suburb is self-sustaining with all the fixtures of modern life, including its schools and supermarkets, plus a chemist and doctor, and offers employment opportunities in the Erskine Business Park for those wanting to avoid the city.

    Erskine Park residents enjoy up to 5 hours of full sunlight daily, offering optimum system efficiency to solar panels, which occupy 16% of roofs. Erskine Park is the perfect choice for nature lovers who enjoy the development of modern fixtures along with the option to enjoy the conveniences of a big town with a small-town atmosphere.

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