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Solar Panels Buying Guide in NSW

New South Wales has a considerable amount of daylight, so why not benefit as much as possible from it with Solar Power System? With Australia’s main grid reaching 50% renewables and thus exploiting the sun’s capacity. It would be a good time to consider if Solar Power can enable you to start saving money on […]

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Important Reminders From The Clean Energy Council

Australia’s Clean Energy Council has reminded members of several important issues relating to replacement solar panels, imminent approved module listing expiries, and new terms and conditions for product listings. STCs And Replacement Solar Panels In September last year, we mentioned Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator was updating guidelines relating to replacement solar panels and Small-scale Technology Certificates […]

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Am I ready for Solar Installations?

Can I afford to go solar? If you can afford your monthly electric bill, then you can probably afford to go solar! In few years past, solar was a big investment, and those who can invest large amount of money to contribute could go solar. Now-a-days, things have been changed! Most homeowners and businesses can […]

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How do solar panels work for my home?

Solar panel absorbs sunlight with photo-voltaic cells and then generates direct current (DC) energy. Afterward, it converts to usable Alternate Current (AC) energy with the assistance of inverter technology. AC current flows through the home’s electrical board and powering electronic gadgets. Excess power generated by the solar panel is sent to the electric grid. Thus Solar […]

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Why should I go solar?

There are many reasons to go solar. Solar power is an advanced form of renewable energy. Most of the general crowds are not aware of solar usage for residential and commercial purposes. Solar power is an environment-friendly, economic, great return of investment. Few reasons to explore the benefits of using solar power 1. What are […]

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