How to choose a solar panel supplier & installer in Australia

Choosing the right solar panel supplier and installer can be very challenging. However, it is significant for buyers to completely inquire about temporary workers notwithstanding recognizing and characterizing their desires. . A home-owner temporary worker relationship will encourage clear correspondence and prevents any complications.  This article will help you to choose the right solar panel supplier and installer when you go for solar.

Important factors to choose the right solar panel supplier and installer


If you are seeking a local solar installer to install or support your solar system, you should choose an expertise solar installer. You should choose those solar companies which professionally provide quality assurance for every installed system and Clean Energy Council licensed installer.

Clean Energy Council licensed installers are guaranteed and prepared to guarantee your systems fulfill industry best practice guidelines and all applicable Australian Standards.

You can search by area or if you are as of now in contact with an installer you can search by installer name to ensure they are licensed with the Clean Energy Council.

Track Record & Experience

With the rise of any new industry, it is hard to tell what organizations you can trust. Solar is a developing industry so that it is attracted by experts from different backgrounds. Temporary workers that once focused on different sorts of tasks are broadening their training into solar power installation. From the solar review, you can ensure that your installer has a track record of solar installation. A solar supplier ought to have the option to talk about and introduce you to the installed system for past customers.

Reputation in market

The solar industry will get a lot of new professionals in the market as it is a developing industry. Since Newcomers to the business are going to expand the competitiveness, so it makes it a harder situation for an existing organization to stand out in the market. Current solar organizations need to take their reputation for making a positive brand reputation before the business gets overwhelmed with new companies. Trusted brands are the ones customers search for over and over, so brand awareness and Positive reputation management makes a long-term principle for solar organizations.

Brand recognition motivates trust and security particularly when it is supported by a solid reputation of installation. Despite that, it is hard to tell what organizations you can trust or you can get proper service.  Solar organization reviews from past clients are incredible for assessing installers, however, they can be deceiving. Customer’s rating and review checking are not enough to identify the right solar suppliers. You should check the pattern of customer complaints which is most likely a sign that you should work with an alternate installer.

Licenses and insurance

Solar installers ought to have a business license and insurance policies, which differ by state and local rules. Common permits to operate for solar installers incorporate general contracting, home improvement, electrician, or home performance contracting licenses. At least, installers ought to likewise have general liabilities.


Warranty is a significant part of choosing a solar system. While most solar panels will go a very long time with no issues, but it is essential to have a strong warranty on the off chance that something happens. A solid warranty implies a written guarantee by your installation company promising repair or replacement if necessary within a long period. It is significant for guaranteeing your ROI. Warranty approaches incorporate execution guarantee, work, and equipment.

You ought to know what sort of guarantee the equipment comes with. The normal warranty offered for solar panels is around 20 years. In the event that the guarantee is for a shorter timeframe, you can securely expect that the quality of the panels is lower. Batteries capacity and solar inverters have limited guarantee and it is around 5-10 years. Most installers additionally give a workmanship guarantee, which ought to be at any rate 1 year.

Choose Diverse Financing Options

Many solar organizations ask customers to utilize their solar financing packages since pay from financing is a significant piece of their business. You won’t generally be required to do that. Please remember that you have a decision with regard to solar financing. So, find out those solar suppliers where this is an alternative offered by your solar installer. Bigger, national installers will in general push solar lease without clarifying the significant adjustments from purchasing. Smaller, territorial solar installers are commonly more adaptable with regard to financing a residential solar system.

Going solar can appear to be costly at first. Later, you most likely comprehend your fast ROI and monthly savings. In any case, there are a few financing choices for your new investment. Each of these alternatives various parts to consider before settling on the last financing choice.

  • Leasing your solar system
  • Getting a loan from your solar system
  • Purchasing your upfront solar system

Trusted advisor for customized solar design

To spare costs, a few organizations have designed templates and probably won’t have the option to customize a solar system explicitly for your home. Solar installers who have practical experience in a region or state can regularly design a considerably more customized solar installation to make suitable architectural needs or building materials. Besides customized solar design, wire management is very essential for the longevity and design of your solar system. Unfortunately, inappropriate wire management can be a standard operation. This includes running an unattractive channel over the rooftop or down the side of the home. Appropriate wiring includes concealing any visible wires, shielding your equipment from the harsh components, and the visibility of your home.

Going sun-powered is an important investment in your home, and you ought to have a trusting association with your installer. The best installers will work with you to see how solar fits inside the energy system of your home or business. You should buy the solar system from proficient solar installers as you will get the proper guidance from them

Solar Equipment Quality

When you will go buy a solar system from your solar supplier, how would you know that your equipment is of good quality? While assessing the quality of a PV system you should look at two things: the modules and the inverter. At the point, when an installer is giving an inverter for your system they have the option between a string inverter, string inverter with the optimizer and micro inverters. String inverters with the optimizer and micro inverters will perform better than standard string inverters in many situations and these are the indications of high-quality equipment.

Regarding modules, the effectiveness of the panel can assist you with isolating top-level equipment from generally poor quality equipment. Efficiencies of 16% or underneath can for the most part be viewed as poor equipment types. The performance testing conditions or PTC rating of a panel can likewise be a decent indicator of the quality of equipment. The PTC rating of a module is the thing that the panel is said to manufacture in genuine conditions VS standard testing conditions. Ultimately, with regards to rating modules and inverters, the bankability of the organization is a significant factor as it decides the validity of the item’s performance guarantee. While choosing equipment for your solar system you need to purchase an item from an organization that will be around to praises its assurance.

We have discussed several tips about choosing the proper solar supplier and installer. Hopefully, this article will help you to choose the right solar supplier and installer. Solar Man Australia is the brand name of the Hook-Up Electrical Services Pty Ltd. Established in 2003, has been serving residential and commercial solar installations services in Penrith, Nepean and Sydney all around Australia. If you need any kind of advice about it, you can contact us for a free quote. 

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