REC Twin Peak-4, 370w
REC Twin Peak 4 features REC’s innovative design with the high panel efficiency and power output of monocrystalline cells, enabling you to get more out of the space available – helping to lower your energy bills and shorten the payback time through increased yield and lower costs. Based on the multiple award-winning REC Twin Peak technology, REC Twin Peak 4 panels bring heightened efficiency to REC’s portfolio. Building on REC’s long experience with half-cut cell technology, the REC Twin Peak 4 Series uses p-type monocrystalline cells, offering an even greater efficiency and power, making this Series suitable for all applications and system sizes, anywhere in the world! REC Twin Peak 4 panels are packed with the same advanced REC Twin Peak technologies that have won REC multiple awards. This p-type mono variant offers higher power output per square meter of panels installed. REC Twin Peak 4 come with extra support bars across the rear of the panel, greatly boosting its strength and durability, and allowing loads of up to 7000 Pa – far exceeding the 5400 offered by conventional panels. This added strength enables you to achieve much higher energy yields. Combined with a 30 mm frame height, this frame design enables flexible installation options, making overcoming every obstacle easier during system design. REC solar panels come standard with leading comprehensive warranties that provide value-adding security you can depend on. Promises that the workmanship and materials of the panels themselves maintain their superior quality for 20 years – double the old product warranty duration.
REC Alpha Pure 400w
This Is The REC Alpha; REC’s Latest Multiple Award-Winning Family Of Trailblazing Solar Panels, Empowering You To Take Full Advantage Of Solar Energy. Packing In Cutting-Edge Technologies To Deliver Higher Power Density, Stunning Aesthetics, And Minimal Environmental Impact – All With The Renowned Reliability Of REC – REC Alpha Is The Solar Panel Of Choice For Home Solar. REC Alpha Pure Black Series Solar Panels Feature An Innovative Design With High Panel Efficiency And Power Output, Enabling Customers To Get The Most Out Of The Space Used For The Installation. Combined With Industry-Leading Product Quality And The Reliability Of A Strong And Established European Brand, REC Alpha Pure Black Mono Panels Are Ideal For Residential And Commercial Rooftops Worldwide. The Latest Release From REC Is The New Alpha Pure Series Which Are Next Step In The Evolution Of HJT Half-Cut Cells. The Pure Series Increases Power Density But Using Gap-Less Cell Technology And Adding An Additional Row Of Cells To Boost Efficiency From 21.7% To 21.9%. The New 132 Cell Format Used On The Pure Series Is Slightly Taller Than The Alpha Series Which Are Built On The Standard 120 Cell Format.Lead-Free Manufacturing – Another Innovation To Improve Sustainability And Lower The Environmental Impact Is The Elimination Of Lead From All Components, Including The Cell Interconnections, And Junction Box.
REC Alpha 370w
REC Solar’s Alpha REC370AA solar panel is a revolutionary solar panel achieving incredible levels of efficiency, power, and strength. This reliable solar panel is ideal for homes or businesses requiring a very efficient, cost-effective solar panel that provides reliable power output. Emerging from REC’s leadership in half-cut cell technology, the Alpha is built around 120 half-cut heterojunction cells (HJT) and advanced connection technology, designed by engineering experts from Germany and Singapore. With HJT, REC combines the benefits of N-Type monocrystalline silicon solar cells with those of thin film technologies for much higher efficiency and energy yield, even at higher temperatures. REC is known for leading standards of design and manufacturing to produce long-lasting and high-performance solar panels with reliable power output.
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